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Mapping Possibilities: Audiovisual collective reimagines live performance
Peter Holslin | “At the beginning, it was just a slogan … Now, we are really mapping possibilities”
Zawya 2.0: Between resilience and compromise
Yasmine Zohdi | This could've been it: a very feasible ending for Zawya. But it's not. It's a new beginning
From traffic jams and cake to depressive teenagers: Highlights of the 3rd Zawya Short Film Festival
Hessen Hossam | Mada Masr reviews several of the films screened at the Zawya Short Film Festival
‘Passion is contagious, if you’re open to it’: A conversation with Marianne Khoury
Sama Waly | To mark Panorama's 10th edition we interview its founder, director and producer Marianne Khoury
A definitive guide to Cairo Cinema Days
Jenifer Evans, Lara El Gibaly, Rowan El Shimi and Yasmine Zohdi | We watched 40 + films to help guide you through Zawya's exciting regional cinema festival
A hopeful year for Egypt’s cinema industry  
Rowan El Shimi | 2016 has seen multiple films produced independently from Egypt’s major production companies reach commercial
Zawya Ismailia: Bringing film diversity to the canal city
Yomna Osman | Zawya Ismailia joins Zawyas in Cairo, Alexandria and Port Said.
Young heritage enthusiasts give Port Said’s Cinema Rio a make-over
Rowan El Shimi | Port Said residents to see Zawya films in splendid old venue this weekend.
Lessons in manoeuvring: Zawya heads a scheme to decentralize film culture in Egypt
Yasmine Zohdi | A recent workshop at Cimatheque saw Zawya's crew and other film people discuss film distribution, censorship,
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Zawya screens Ziad Doueiri’s The Insult amid heated BDS debate
3 films refused permission to screen in Zawya’s first short film fest
Festbeat: Looking back at this year’s Panorama (day 11)
Zawya cinema to join permanent Alexandria art scene
Newly re-opened cinema hopes to add to Emad Eddin’s cultural revival
Screenings start at Zawya as alternative cinema in Egypt picks up