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Zamalek’s new cinema: Whose is it, and what to expect?
Ingy Higazy | Near El Sawy Culture Wheel, adjacent to the Misr Petroleum gas station and adjoined to the Officers’
Ultra Design: Local, modern lighting and furniture since 1988
Amany Ali Shawky | If you’re a Zamalek dweller you’ve definitely stopped at this intriguing-looking store window
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Heba Afify | My favorite hangout for a brief couple of weeks was a street, a simple street in a Cairo neighborhood.
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Between Heaven and Earth
Amany Ali Shawky | In this dark joke of a movie, an elevator is a miniature version of the newly class-conscious Egypt
Timothy E. Kaldas
The island
One of the struggles in developing a participatory political system is striking the proper balance between
Dina el-Khawaga
The Zamalek metro station: 6 lessons on citizenship
Their names are Toni, Gigi, Dodi and Suzi. They are multilingual and they like pets. They seem fitter
Mohamed Gabr
Egypt’s ‘political’ football
Association football, or simply football (also known as soccer), being the most widely followed sport
Zamalek metro construction to proceed despite complaints
French citizen dies while in police custody