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All for the kids
Natasha Pradhan | The story of a Filipina domestic worker in Cairo
Labor Day 2017: Cooperation under another name
Jano Charbel | Sisi asked for workers' cooperation in Labor Day address, despite acute conditions
State responds to recent labor protests with heightened repression and exceptional legal measures
Jano Charbel | Recent labor protests have found themselves confronted by repression as Egypt continues to weather economic
The 4 times in Egyptian history civilian workers were tried by military courts
Jano Charbel | Since the army-led takeover of the Egyptian state in July 1952, there have been four historic cases in
Discordant friends: Egyptian workers in Saudi Arabia
Passant Rabie | The labor minister of the only remaining Gulf country implementing a work sponsorship program declared
Parliament stacked against labor interests?
Jano Charbel | The new Parliament, which convened for the first time in January, is reviewing several pieces of legislation
Bisco Misr workers still earn less than US$100 per month after Kellogg buyout
Jano Charbel and Isabel Esterman | When the US Kellogg Company bought a majority stake in local snack maker Bisco Misr in January 2015,
Workers question official statistics on unemployment figures
Jano Charbel | According to figures published on Sunday by the state’s Central Agency for Public Mobilization and
Workers protest civil service law in one of biggest street actions since 2013
Jano Charbel | Thousands of public sector workers took to the streets on Monday in protest against the civil service
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Tamer Waguih
June 30: The birth of a new historical pact?
What is the greatest danger to the revolution? It is not true that it is the regime, or even the counterrevolution
National Cement Company sit-in enters 6th day as syndicate calls for corruption investigation
Appeals court reduces 3-year sentences for Tourah Cement Company workers to 2 months
Court issues 3 year sentences for protesting Tourah Cement Company workers
Protesting Tourah Cement Company workers’ trial adjourned until June 3
Update: Police arrest 32 workers following dispersal of sit-in at Tourah Cement Company
21 striking IFFCO workers acquitted by Suez appeals court
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