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Abortion Tales: Abortion at the mall
Ghadeer Ahmed | "He kept the test that shows I was pregnant; I kept the blood that shows I killed that baby."
Why I collect Egyptian women’s stories of abortion
Ghadeer Ahmed | Every story is told by a woman, written by a woman and meant to be read by women.
Periods in prison: a campaign to get healthcare for women inmates
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | Prison authorities have ignored the basic healthcare needs of women on their periods in detention
Abortion tales: Women’s work
Ghadeer Ahmed | 'A mother is my job. This is what I do, what I don’t like to do. This is what I am.'
Abortion Tales: Severed and not severed
Ghadeer Ahmed | The second part in our series on women’s experiences of abortion in Egypt
Abortion tales
Ghadeer Ahmed | Mada gathers stories of women’s experiences of abortion in Egypt
Abortion tales: 4 days somewhere else
Ghadeer Ahmed | The first in Mada's series recounting women’s experiences of abortion in Egypt
Why do so many Egyptian women not breastfeed?
Karoline Kamel | Amid social and economic pressures, breastfeeding rates fall far below international recommendations.
Report reveals Egypt has world’s highest number of circumcised women
Civil society organizations call for end to draconian abortion law
Breast exams mandatory to get subsidized infant formula: Health Ministry
CAPMAS: Female life expectancy increases to 72.9 years old
Health Ministry considers limiting cesarean operations
On world anti-FGM day, Egypt still ranks among world’s top offenders
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