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Unholy terrors: A box of tomatoes, a hip-hop group and the Supreme Council of the World
Dalia Rabie | Hurricanes, earthquakes and all-too-familiar sandstorms are not acts of nature — instead, they are
3 dead, 8 injured in Alexandria building collapse
Nationwide heat wave leaves 21 people dead, 66 injured
Traffic returns to normal in Suez, Red Sea after storms
Suez bus collision kills 24
16 dead in road accidents caused by bad weather
Ports closed due to heavy rainfalls and high winds
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Cartoon: Why is it so hot?
Andeel | Writing on the machine: "Arab Republic of Egypt's heat control device"Heat operator: "Mahmoud, please keep an eye on the machine. I'm gonna go take a shit."
Cartoon: Unreliable cloud
Andeel | Woman: "So you gonna rain, or you need help and support from all Egyptians and all that crap?"