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Sources: US-proposed GERD deal sets Ethiopia water release at 37 bcm, major disputes remain
For the US proposal to become a reality, Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia must first make major concessions
Egyptian official: Ethiopia dam negotiations in Washington ‘a disaster’
Three days of negotiations in Washington between the foreign and irrigation ministers of Egypt, Ethiopia
Sisi expresses ‘grave concern’ at close of Ethiopian-Egyptian summit
Asmahan Soliman | He said it is “necessary to work as soon as possible” to resume the required technical studies
Renaissance Dam: Need for political intervention as technical negotiations get complicated
Asmahan Soliman | Ethiopia starts “early filling” of the dam despite agreements and without officially notifying Cairo
Annual water crisis: broken promises and local action
Heba Afify | Citizens who are not able to circumvent Egypt's unequally distributed annual water shortages refuse to
Meet the Egyptian team that may revolutionize water desalination
Robert Barron | Leaving Atlanta in 1997, using her last dollars before the long trip home, Mona Naim picked up a book
Giza residents protest ongoing water cuts, doubt promises of resolution
Mohamed Hamama | Dozens of people blocked the Ring Road on Monday to protest ongoing water cuts in the Giza neighborhood
Water shortages bring suffering to Egypt’s countryside
Mohamed Ezz and Nada Arafat | Egypt, once celebrated as the gift of the Nile, is in the grips of a serious water crisis. With a rising
Facing the threat of rising seas
Isabel Esterman | Egypt, with its densely populated coasts and low-lying agricultural areas is one of the countries most
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Heba El-Sherif
Media spotlight: Meddling with the Nile is a red line
Media pundits still debate the dam's validity, ignoring wider issues of water scarcity
Sharif S Elmusa
Sharing the Nile waters according to needs
There may not be enough water for everybody to get all they want from the Nile’s waters, but sharing
Sharif S Elmusa
Egypt’s Nile Blues
Ethiopia is forging ahead with the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the
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Ethiopia increases capacity of Nile dam, causing alarm in Egypt
Egypt decreases areas for rice cultivation amid fears of water scarcity
Official: Egypt will have 90 million residents by next week
Minister vows to act after two-day water outages
Minister of irrigation warns of water scarcity
Water resources per capita drop 60% since 1970