TOPIC visual culture
The son of death who brought Sudanese cinema to life
Hussam Hilali | On Amjad Abu Alala’s You Will Die at Twenty
What’s the first image that comes to mind when you think of the 1919 revolution?
Hakim Abdelnaeem | I want to question the approach that treats the 1919 revolution as a single narrative, condensing it
Modern Egypt: On objects that represent the world
Mohammad Shawky Hassan | The way the project displayed commodities failed to reveal new things about them or those who made them.
Now That’s What I Call Arab Pop (vol 1): The rise of the soul-stealer
Ada Petiwala | Video killed the radio star, but YouTube killed the music video channel, and thousands of video clips
Globalizing dissent, Egyptian civil society, and the limits of translation
Ahmed Refaat | Egyptian civil society, after the rollercoaster we all have all been on since the revolution, is rethinking
A history of CIC’s 10 years in posters
Jenifer Evans | On the 10th birthday of the exhibition space, library, photography school and photographic facility,
‘Take it’ back please, Ramy Essam
Andeel | On Friday a song was briefly released on YouTube by Egyptian musician Ramy Essam. The song, Ashan Takhdoh
A quick look back at the revolution’s internet sensations
Andeel | Way too much has been said and written about the social media use of the January 25 generation. Hysterical
Toward an art that hides nothing behind
Adham Selim | Ganzeer’s metaphor imagines the world as a spectacle, something that you can choose either to gaze
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Maha ElNabawi
Beyoncé, Coldplay, and why we can’t let exotica become banal
Growing up in America in the 1980s through the noughties made most of my generation pretty hard to offend.