TOPIC video
Video | From Kafr al-Sheikh to London in 4 seconds
Ahmed Moghazy | As he gains command of his senses, he realizes that he’s in London under full lockdown.
Video | Curfew concert
Mohamed Swify | To liven up quiet curfew nights, Mohamed puts on impromptu concerts from his balcony
Video | The letter you sent …
Asmaa Gamal | After settling in Cairo, cassette tape recordings became Ali's lifeline to his family in Aswan.
Video | Her Excellency’s salon
Mohamed Swify | Abeer remains committed to serving her customers by taking precautionary measures in her salon.
Video | Hindi
Reham Ghareeb | While working in Alexandria’s Odeon Cinema, Hadi started dancing to Hindi music for the audiences.
Video | Beyond the factory: Kiln of discovery
Nour Pleutin | This is the story of Abdel Sattar's workplace, a pottery workshop in the village of Tunis, Fayoum.