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Why did the US decision to delay or cancel almost US$300 million in aid to Egypt catch Cairo by surprise?
Mostafa Mohie | There is ambiguity over whether or not US military aid will be held and what will condition its release
Pursuing alternatives to American weapons
Pesha Magid | Egypt purchased two French warships at the end of September and rumors of new arms deals have since been
Q&A with military expert Robert Springborg on US aid to Egypt
Isabel Esterman | In a Tuesday phone call, US President Obama informed Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi that the
AP: US State Department criticizes deteriorating human rights situation in Egypt
US report: Egypt topped developing countries in arms imports in 2015
US House lifts rights requirements on aid to Egypt in draft budget
US congressional delegation visits Egypt
US dispatches 8 fighter jets to Egypt to support war on terror
US promises delivery of Apaches ahead of Sisi’s visit
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