TOPIC terrorism charges
This justice is not blind: New amendments to terror laws
Rana Mamdouh | Under one amendment, individuals on the terror list may see their syndicate memberships frozen.
Putting satire behind bars: The case of Shady Abu Zeid
Sharif Abdel Kouddous | Shady Abu Zeid is not a political organizer or agitator, but has been detained for over six months
Amendments to Egypt’s nationality law: An obscure state for the ‘stateless’
Mohamed Hamama | Amendments to the law governing citizenship open the door on an unprecedented legal situation
Another 45 days: The endless uncertainty of pretrial detention in Egyptian prisons
CS | Sabry has spent 2 years in prison on terrorism charges pending trial. Will he get out April 16?
Government continues attempts to extend control over mosques
Osman El Sharnoubi | The ministry claims a new decree will protect mosques from 'infiltration'
The Arab Sharkas cell: The quasi-covert military trial of Ansar Beit al-Maqdes
Hossam Bahgat | Until mid-2013, Nader,* a 25-year-old graduate of the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality, worked as
Terrorist or scapegoat?
Sarah Carr and Leyla Doss | The crowd that gathered at the bombed Cairo Security Directorate on Friday January 24 chanted anti-Muslim
Being Brotherhood
Heba Afify | Within days of President Mohamed Morsi’s ouster, members of the group from which he hails started
Militant cell linked to Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt accused of plotting attack in Khartoum
Public prosecutor granted greater powers to freeze funds unrelated to terror activity
2 Alexandria students detained for conducting public survey on controversial seaside barriers
Cell members accused of failed attack on church in Qalyubia Saturday referred to State Security Prosecution
University of Washington PhD student, missing for 4 days, brought before prosecution and detained
Court adds 241 people to Egypt’s terrorist list
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