TOPIC Tahiya Karioka
Feyrouz, child prodigy forever
Randa Ali | The Armenian-Egyptian child star passed away last week, leaving a son, a daughter and 10 films.
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Watch Out for Zuzu
Rowan El Shimi | One of Egypt's most-loved films had lofty aspirations for modernity, social justice and freedom
Egypt’s cinematic gems: A Woman’s Youth
Hessen Hossam | This is not just a simple story of a sexy older woman seducing a college boy and finding excuses to belly-dance
Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘The Tough’
Andeel | The filmmakers thought they were going to change the world, or at least the way people saw it
Ismail Fayed
Notes on belly-dance
I’d like to make a few notes on belly-dance beyond the moral debate around justifying it as a non-sexual