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TOPIC Supreme Press Council
Permits, penalties and paranoia
Heba Afify | Foreign journalists speak to Mada Masr about the challenges they face reporting in Egypt
Regulators without regulations
Rana Mamdouh | Despite the formation of three new media regulatory bodies, their roles remain legally unregulated
One, two, three, four media laws: How media legislation in Egypt is staging state control
Mostafa Mohie | A recently passed media bill is raising concerns about compromises on Egypt's media freedoms
Journalists welcome new syndicate head with high expectations
Mostafa Mohie and Omar Said | Newly-elected press syndicate head Yehia Qallash’s win against his predecessor Diaa Rashwan in Friday’s
Parliamentary committee passes amendment allowing president to form Supreme Press Council
Mehleb: No new laws for journalists or media professionals
Adly amends law on defaming president
Beblawi’s Cabinet convenes, approves draft laws