TOPIC Supreme Council of the Armed Forces
The Armed Forces and the Constitution: Amendments grant the military unchecked powers
Randa Mostafa | The amendment's vague wording raises questions about the impact it could have on the military's role
Military top brass get impunity for acts committed during transitional period
Rania al-Abd | High-ranking military officers could be offered judicial immunity, according to a new bill
Egypt’s winding path toward a new constitution
Ursula Lindsey | Since the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak, Egyptians have witnessed the formation of three constitutional
Transition redux
Omar Halawa | While the stock market reacted positively to the issuing of the July 8 Constitutional Declaration, and
Less than a warzone
Mohamad Salama Adam | Mohamed Soleiman is a resident of Masoura, a neighborhood in the Sinai border town Rafah. Last Saturday
Hani Atalla
Remembering those who were slain
Thousands of Coptic Christians marched down the streets of Cairo demanding equal citizenship. The chants
Sisi forms military front to fight terrorism east of the canal
Sisi puts military house in order before leaving
Army, police, sheikh decry Monday’s violence
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