Sudan protests escalate after two doctors, child shot dead
Month-old protests against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir took a new turn on Thursday
Sudan anti-government protests spread to Darfur amid extensive security crackdown
President Omar al-Bashir’s speech and the protests in Darfur have shifted attention to a new arena
Support for Sudan protests grows as football ultras, Doctors Syndicate and Sudan University express solidarity
Demonstrations erupted after a match in Omdurman, the twin city of the capital Khartoum, on Sunday
12 killed in nationwide anti-austerity demonstrations in Sudan as police use tear gas and live rounds to disperse protesters
Popular protests in Sudan sparked by inflation, food shortages and rising prices enter third day
Cairo, Khartoum discuss end to proxy fighting in Libya in bilateral meeting
Sources close to the talks say that Libya was slated to be the primary focus of the meeting
Abduction and release of Egyptian intelligence unit points to proxy fighting in south Libya and early July meeting in Khartoum
Sources: Egyptian soldiers freed by Sudan were gathering intel on Sudanese military ops in Libya
The ecstatic madness of the Mahdiyya
Ismail Fayed | If the novel should be called out for its superficial dabbling with mysticism and a problematic premise,
Mohamed Saad Abdel Hafiz
Egyptian media coverage of Sudan protests: Here today, gone tomorrow
Last January, amid expectations of price increases in bread and fuel, cities across Sudan erupted in
Khaled Ahmed
Civil disobedience in Sudan: How far will it go?
Civil disobedience continues in Sudan amid austerity and hardship.
Waleed Almusharaf
Candy from the sheikh: My last conversation with Turabi
Three years ago, Hassan al-Turabi (1932-2016) — Sudan’s foremost theologian, who is known affectionately
Sudan demonstrations continue amid crackdown: 4 protesters killed, police conduct house raids and storm hospital
Protests spread across Sudan on Friday amid calls to strike
Medics: Sudan security forces fire live rounds at protest march to presidential palace
Ancient Egyptian gold workers’ tomb excavated on island in Sudan
Sudanese president threatens to resort to UN Security Council over Halayeb, accuses Egypt of harboring opposition members
Egypt’s tone shifts after signing dam agreement with Ethiopia, Sudan
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