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Security interventions place 3 pro-govt figures on Egypt’s Journalists Syndicate council
Ashraf Hakim | The security apparatuses sent a list of six nominees by WhatsApp to newsrooms
Permits, penalties and paranoia
Heba Afify | Foreign journalists speak to Mada Masr about the challenges they face reporting in Egypt
Who are ‘the forces of evil’ controlling Egypt’s media?
Rana Mamdouh | A spat with the BBC or the start of broader crackdown: Mada speaks to media regulators and lawyers
State Information Service slams BBC report on ‘repression in Egypt’
SIS condemns a recent BBC report, which addresses social, political, and human rights in Egypt
Egyptian state continues to squabble with foreign media
Foreign journalists received mixed signals from the State Information Service (SIS) on Monday, when its
State Information Service, Journalists Syndicate heads jockey for syndicate top job
HRW report: Egyptian-American forcibly disappeared, tortured for 4 months before being brought before military prosecution
Minister to foreign reporters: No forced disappearances in Egypt and torture occurs only when prisoners try to escape
Appearance of woman BBC alleged was forcibly disappeared ‘might’ end journalist’s career: State Information Service head
State Information Service head accuses media outlets and rights organizations of ‘evasiveness’ in labelling terrorism
5 times Egypt’s information service scolded foreign media for misreporting terrorism
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