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Amr Abdel Rahman
In search of legitimacy: From mandate to emergency law
With Sisi basing his governance on a popular mandate, is emergency law a way to maintain legitimate power?
Sisi’s approval rating shows signs of slipping, suggests poll
Polls show high approval ratings for Sisi after first 100 days in office
Poll: 82% of Egyptians approve Sisi’s presidency
Egyptians have sights set on Sisi, says poll
Sisi is not
Andeel | Sign to the right: "Sisi." Sign to the left: "His place."
Whadap yo!
Andeel | Sisi: "Whadap yo!"
Pretty awesome reports
Andeel | Assistant: "Reports are saying that your popularity keeps going up, sir..." Sisi: "No way!" Assistant: "Cross my heart my heart and hope to die."
President is busy
Andeel | Assistant: ... "Yeah and one more thing sir, there is a great nation with 7000 years of civilization and stuff outside and they want to meet you, sir."Sisi: "Not now -- tell them I'm fighting terrorism or something."
Expensive meat
Andeel | Assistant: "So do you remember, sir, during — may God never bring back those days — January 25, when people said social justice? It seems like for some reason they are still, apparently, rather concerned with that topic, I guess ... sir."Sisi: "Hmmmm... So it's not the Brotherhood?"
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