TOPIC Sisi and media
Sources: Presidency gives Egyptian media orders not to cover CBS interview with Sisi
Sources say Egyptian media received orders to refrain from covering CBS interview with Sisi
Regulators without regulations
Rana Mamdouh | Despite the formation of three new media regulatory bodies, their roles remain legally unregulated
Egypt’s media in a state of emergency
Mai Shams El-Din | Government attempts to further restrict media post church bombings
The canal of celebration and fear
With both celebratory commentary and reporting on the staunch security plan surrounding the inauguration
Why did Sisi visit Saudi Arabia?
Omar Said | A congratulatory phone call and an unexpected three-hour visit by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Saturday
Whose Empire? Post-revolution history in a Ramadan TV drama
Susan D. Ellis and Meir R. Walters | Embratoreyet Meen? (Whose Empire?), one of the television series screened this Ramadan, is a light and
Infighting among Sisi’s loyal media supporters
Dalia Rabie | A woman is heckled as she argues that the media should be a platform for the youth to express themselves
Laughter at the time of polarization
In his come-back episode after a period of self-imposed silence, renowned satirist Bassem Youssef
Basma Abdel Aziz
State mechanisms of manipulation and persuasion
What are the mechanisms the state has used to assume and maintain power in Egypt?
Yasmin El-Rifae
For journalists, freedom from jail is a qualified liberty
The only country with more journalists in jail than Egypt is China, and it has raced to this position
Sherene Seikaly
Our man, Sisi
For the next two days, some Egyptians will take to the streets to perform yet another hollow electoral
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4 journalists suspended from work, fined over a false image of Sisi’s mother
Authorities suspend Monday’s issue of Al-Bawaba newspaper
Presenter Azza Hennawy after referral to trial: Now only space for hypocrites at Maspero
Foreign Ministry slams Economist magazine for article criticizing Sisi’s policies
Sisi says 90% of prisoners are detained for criminal offenses
State TV anchor suspended for criticizing Sisi
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Hey Captain!
Andeel | Man: "Hey captain, what are you doing!?"
A question for our president
Andeel | Woman: "So what's the last book you read?"Sisi: "What is this stupid question?"