A Strip apart? Gaza grapples with politics of expanded Egyptian administration in Trump’s ‘century deal’
Asmahan Soliman and Hamza Abu Eltarabesh | After deliberations between Egypt and Israel, Hamas arrived in Cairo to discuss 'century deal'
Layers of history: The Sinai Palimpsests’ Project
Jenna Le Bras | 3 texts by Hippocrates and a 6th-century copy of the 1st Epistle of Paul to Timothy have been found
What is the significance of large-scale terrorist operations returning to Sinai?
Omar Said | Armed militants ambushed Abu Zakdan in four-wheel drives, shot live ammunition at soldiers.
Armed Forces spox: 30 militants, 3 officers killed in Sinai in last week
Military commander of Bir al-Abd, 4 others killed in Sinai
Ousted President Hosni Mubarak denies accepting to relocate Palestinians to Sinai
7 killed in attack targeting drivers at military-owned Arish Cement factory
Militants storm water tank in Arish following spate of kidnapping of contractors assumed to be collaborating with Armed Forces
6 soldiers killed in militant attack on North Sinai checkpoint
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