TOPIC Sinai bombings
Arish on high alert after militant infiltration, extraordinary security in South Sinai amid fear of spreading violence
A host of militant attacks in the past two weeks have led to tighter security measures in Sinai
What is the significance of large-scale terrorist operations returning to Sinai?
Omar Said | Armed militants ambushed Abu Zakdan in four-wheel drives, shot live ammunition at soldiers.
Why can’t the police stop the bombs?
Mostafa Mohie | A spate of highly destructive bombings in Cairo and Sinai over the past two weeks has raised questions
7 police personnel, 1 civilian killed in attack on Arish checkpoint
Military spokesperson: 8 troops killed in North Sinai
Armed Forces holds funeral for lieutenant-colonel killed in North Sinai bombing
Roadside bomb kills 6 military conscripts, injures 6 others in North Sinai
4 police officers killed, 12 injured in Arish bombing
Sisi addresses nation from Police Academy ahead of revolution anniversary
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