Politicizing religion: Egypt’s Shia
Tom Rollins | Egypt’s minority Shia population is thought to make up around one percent of Egypt’s total population.
Wikileaks: Saudi Arabia and Azhar on the ‘Shia encroachment’ in Egypt
Shady Zalat and Mohamed Hamama | Several of the Wikileaks documents, which Mada Masr has exclusive access to through a memorandum of understanding,
Relationship between Church and state brought into question
Mai Shams El-Din | Last week, a group of Coptic activists protested inside the Abbaseyya Cathedral against the Church’s
Al-Azhar grand imam warns of attempts to spread Shia Islam in Egypt
Hussein Mosque shrine closed to bar Shias from observing Ashura holiday
Azhar launches inquiry into Islamic scholar’s visit to Iran
Activist arrested on Shia holy day
Anti-Shia tensions mount ahead of holy day
Suspect arrested in June Shia lynching