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TOPIC sexual violence
On sexual violence – Feminist testimonies from Egypt
Dalia Abdel Hamid | Progress on sexual violence seems a beautiful success story, but reality was complicated and painful
Victory in defeat: How the revolution changed perceptions of violence against women
Heba Afify | Progress in how public sexual violence is dealt with may be one of few gains of Jan 25
Sexual assault of 3-year-old exposes school, legal failures
Passant Rabie | The mother of a three-year-old boy raped by a 36-year-old security guard at a private school in Nasr
What the decision to test all detainees at a police station for HIV reveals about Egypt’s security services
Pesha Magid | It is not quite clear what the sister of a man arrested on suspicion of being gay expected when she told
Domestic violence: Permissible by religion, custom and law
While violence against women in the public sphere has gained more attention in Egypt in the past few
Five takes on female cops fighting harassment on Cairo’s streets
Dalia Rabie | "If the process is not developed properly, we risk reproducing the very patriarchy we are trying to fight."
Q&A with Katherine Booth on the state’s use of sexual violence
Pesha Magid | The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) published a report Tuesday asserting that there’s been
Egyptian women: Between education, livelihoods and abuse
Pesha Magid | 99.3% of Egyptian women experience sexual harassment. 82.6% say they feel unsafe in the street.
The terrifying realities in Egypt’s public schools
Mai Shams El-Din | School-related deaths and injuries in Egypt are unfortunately nothing new and occur all too frequently.
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Dina Makram Ebeid
Grappling with forms of justice: Combating sexual violence in civil society
Is it possible to seek justice for survivors of sexual violence in civil society?
Nadine El-Nabli
Blog: #MeToo and the question of speaking
This is the 2nd piece in a series of commissioned reflections on MeToo as a campaign
Laura Bird
Blog: #MeToo, vulnerability and ninja hedgehogs
This is the first piece in a series of commissioned reflections on MeToo as a campaign
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Prosecution suspends investigation into sexual assault accusations against Youm7 chief editor
After filing sexual assault complaint against employer, Youm7 journalist banned from entering workplace
2-year prison sentence for man accused of sexual harassment over Eid
Youm7 opens internal investigation into sexual assault allegations against prominent writer
Dozens arrested for sexual harassment on Sham al-Nessim
Egypt’s women turn to social media to recount childhood sexual violence
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Sweet words
Andeel | Man (in very small letters): "Sorry..."
Cartoon: To whom it may concern
Andeel | You look like shit when you're harassing.
Cartoon: Good omen (Boshret Kheir)
Andeel | "This is a gathering of men." [Song lyrics from Boshret Kheir]