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Salafis today and the question of withdrawing from politics
Ahmed Badrawy | Salafi Dawah and Nour Party face difficulties in the shrinking landscape of political Islam
After staggering defeat, is it lights out for the Nour Party?
Ahmed Badrawy | “God willing, the Nour Party from the first round!” the Salafi party’s supporters chanted during
For elections, Salafis set their sights on Alexandria
Ahmed Badrawy | The Salafi Nour Party believes its campaign efforts were instrumental to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s
Nour Party struggles forth, despite all odds
Passant Rabie | The Salafi Nour Party will contest parliamentary seats in just two districts this year, according to
No freedom in delivering sermons, says state official
Mai Shams El-Din | “There is no such thing as freedom of religion on the podium of Prophet Mohamed,” the deputy minister
The odd one out
Jahd Khalil | Outside the Nour Party’s new headquarters, there’s nothing that bears the party’s name. Inside,
Dancing with the wolves
Jahd Khalil | When Hazem al-Beblawi’s nomination for prime minister was announced this week, it may be remembered
5 questions for a parliamentary candidate: Amr al-Mekky
MB lashes out at Nour Party co-founder for winning Harvard scholarship
MB supports calls for November 28 protests
Alexandria bans leading Salafi figures from preaching
Salafi preacher sentenced to 7 years for forging mother’s nationality
Stand for the national anthem or go to jail, says Cabinet
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