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Masr al-Hurreya
Leyla Doss | “Rights, equality, democracy,” reads a large banner pinned high on the wall of the headquarters of Masr al-Hurreya (the
The return of the state
Omar Halawa | The halls of the Shura Council are host to the work of the committee tasked with amending the 2012 Constitution,
To protect, not rule
Heba Afify | As a power battle simmers to the brim between the military and the presidency, exchanging messages in
Down with military rule … again?
Hesham Sallam | Millions of Egyptians are continuing to take to the streets. They are calling on President Mohamed Morsi
Mohamed Naeem
Egypt’s roadmap to crisis (Part 2)
There are a number of fears that surround Egypt’s transitional roadmap. The most significant is that
Michael Meyer-Resende
Groundhog Day in Cairo
It feels like Groundhog Day in Cairo. Again, as in early 2011, masses of people demonstrated against
Khaled Fahmy
Why Egypt is not Algeria
Immediately after the Egyptian army issued its 48-hour ultimatum to political actors to set down their
In speech marking June 30 protests, Sisi vows to press forward with roadmap
Elections law amended to allow for referendum
Beblawi accepts Bahaa Eddin’s resignation
Ziad Bahaa Eddin resigns from Cabinet
Update: Mansour decrees presidential elections should commence within 30-90 days
Update: Rumors that presidential race to be announced are denied
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