TOPIC Ramadan 2014
Comparing this Ramadan’s leading actresses
Maha ElNabawi | I decided to forge a new vice in lieu of drinking alcohol during the holy month. Instead of the booze,
Cairo poems: Happiest Times
Sharif S Elmusa | Transposition (From “The autobiography of Sidi al-Shaarani”)  Merchants gifted me
Cairo poems: The Riddle of the Sphinx
Sharif S Elmusa | So much good has happened since the Sphinx fell silent.   The longer he keeps his mouth closed  
Cairo poems: Mobile Mosque
Sharif S Elmusa | The metro in Ramadan is a mobile mosque. The dry lips recite verses from plastic-covered Qurans.
Endowments Ministry cracks down on mosques as Ramadan begins
Cartoon: The blood of the chicken
Andeel | Chicken 1: "I'm sure that all these chickens didn't just die for no reason, God wouldn't allow such a thing."Chicken 2: "Maybe he does allow it?"
Cartoon: It’s about time
Andeel | It's time for consuming massive amounts of food, drink and kunafa with mango in a way that totally contradicts the basic idea of Ramadan... 
Cartoon: #Happiness
Andeel | A selfie with Ramadan
Cartoon: Ramadan TV wants you to…
Andeel |  Forget everything.