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TOPIC Rabea al-Adaweya sit-in dispersal
After the Rabea verdict: How the state’s claim for millions in damages has kept Shawkan, 214 others in prison
Omar Said | Those convicted in the Rabea dispersal case remain in prison in lieu of paying millions in damages
How Egyptian diplomacy navigated the summer of 2013
Donya Ezzat | How Egypt’s foreign policy sailed through the difficult events of the summer of 2013
At long last, a verdict for Rabea
Mohamed Abu Emaira | As the historic trial draws to a close, we map the details of the case, which spanned almost 5 years
Witnessing a massacre
Heba Farouk Mahfouz, Lina Attalah, Mosa’ab Elshamy and Sharif Abdel Kouddous | Four Egyptian journalists reconstruct the Rabea al-Adaweya sit-in dispersal
An organization without a name: How a group of beginners killed Egypt’s prosecutor general
Mohamed Hamama | A story of a nameless organization and Egypt's most ambitious assassination operation in a quarter century
The politics of the personal: January 25 through the lens of depression
Naira Antoun | An exploration of hope, defeat and mental health in the aftermath of revolution
The Rabea sit-in dispersal: Who the state is blaming three years on
Mai Shams El-Din | Three years following security forces' violent dispersal of the Rabea al-Adaweya sit-in, over 700 defendants,
The famous yellow Rabea logo: What has it achieved?
Mohamed Hamama | The Rabea logo was not birthed spontaneously; it was the work of a specialized team.
Q&A: Turkish designer of Rabea symbol – it’s still alive
Mohamed Hamama | One of the designers of the four-finger Rabea symbol which at one point swept social media across the
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Dina Wahba
Rabea: How do we live with ourselves after witnessing a massacre?
Most Egyptians have constructed narratives around Rabea in order to deal with what happened
Tamer Waguih
Cairo, massacres and our history
But the trauma of Rabea will never heal unless it is drawn out of the circles of polarization and negation.
Alaa Abd El Fattah
Jan 25, 5 years on: The only words I can write are about losing my words
Five years ago on what would turn out to be the last normal day of my life I sat down at my desk in a
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Amnesty: French arms exports to Egypt used in violent repression, violating international human rights law
Egyptian court sentences 8 to death, 50 to life in police station storming case
Court issues 8 preliminary death sentences in Helwan Police Station case
Court to probe Rabea defendants’ allegations of prison abuse, including photojournalist Shawkan
Defendants in Rabea dispersal case issued 1 year sentences for contempt of court
ElBaradei’s statement breaks 3 years silence on post-June 30 violence
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