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Rana Mamdouh | The government made an about-face in strategy on April 23.
After spike in infections among medical staff, doctors halt work at recently designated quarantine site until demands met
"Swabs are only for those who’ll work. If you’re not going to work, go home."
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A new healthcare system in Port Said
Mona Selim | Ultimately, the government would have to cover the health insurance costs of 30 million people
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When it’s the doctors carrying out female circumcision
Pesha Magid | In a surprise development, 2015 saw the conviction of a doctor for performing female circumcision after
An ailing healthcare system
Leyla Doss | Nadine Shams was admitted to a hospital to remove two fibroids, or benign tumours, in her uterus. Basic
1st quarantine hospital halts admission after more than half of staff contracts COVID-19
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