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Daily COVID-19 roundup: June 2
The true number of total infections could be five times official figure, says minister.
Here’s how the government wants us to coexist with COVID-19
Rana Mamdouh | The government made an about-face in strategy on April 23.
Garbage collectors do essential work without protection from coronavirus
Karoline Kamel | They do so at risk of infection, working within a system that does little to protect them.
After doctors blame administration for COVID-19 clusters at hospitals, Health Ministry circulates new procedures in internal memo
The index case for the latter two hospitals is still unknown
Confinement and disruption: How children are coping with the pandemic
Yasmin El-Rifae | “We have to look after ourselves as parents, otherwise we can’t help them.”
Stranded during the pandemic: Estrangement and limbo
Basma Mostafa and Hadeer El-Mahdawy | “If I’d known what was going to happen, I wouldn’t have come back to Egypt"
What does the coronavirus pandemic tell us about Egypt’s healthcare system?
Rana Mamdouh | After this crisis, the state must reevaluate the healthcare budget and wages for doctors and nurses
Expect higher COVID-19 numbers, but don’t be alarmed, PM Madbuly says
Madbuly also urged that construction operations continue at “maximum capacity” at "all sites."
Coronavirus? It’s in God’s hands
Hossam al-Khouly | "What are you worried about, basha, so long as you’re Egyptian? It’s in God’s hands."
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Health is a public ‘good’
Health economics has been a field of economics that has attracted great interest since the publication
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Egypt will not patent new hepatitis C drug
Local newspapers recently reported that the first batch of sofosbuvir, the new drug for treating the
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Even if we can cure AIDS, do we really want to?
When the Egyptian army’s medical team announced it had invented two devices to detect and cure
1st quarantine hospital halts admission after more than half of staff contracts COVID-19
Supreme Administrative Court overturns ruling stipulating increase in compensation for doctors
New strain of bird flu reported in 3 locations across Nile Delta
Air pollution costs Egypt 3.58% of GDP in welfare losses
Doctors in private clinics join push for affordable healthcare
Black smog in Cairo due to weather conditions, not burning fields: Environment Ministry
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