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Biggest wave of arrests since Sisi took office: 1909 people detained
Amnesty International demanded that the authorities allow protests to take place tomorrow
Mohamed Ali fallout continues: Sisi mulls canceling New York trip amid high-level meetings to combat ‘destabilization campaign’
General Intelligence Service Chief Abbas Kamel believes that the move would send a negative message.
12 killed in nationwide anti-austerity demonstrations in Sudan as police use tear gas and live rounds to disperse protesters
Popular protests in Sudan sparked by inflation, food shortages and rising prices enter third day
Far from the Parisian center: The lesser known side of May 1968
Youssef El Chazli | Mada Masr speaks to Isabelle Sommier, a researcher with a fresh perspective on the May 1968 protests
Bracing for an Islamist revolution
In a statement issued by the Muslim Brotherhood on Sunday, the group endorsed participation in the November
Jordan: The unspoken turbulence
Naira Antoun | As events in Egypt unfold, Jordan watches closely. But while Egypt is the topic of conversation, in a
A street named July 26
Jahd Khalil | Egypt’s last president did not rule the country long enough to have had any streets named after him.
Hafsa Halawa
Rage in Baghdad
Hafsa Halwa unpacks the ongoing protests in Iraq, which have left over 100 dead and 6,100 injured.
Heavy security clampdown on anti-Sisi protests as state mobilizes supporters to rally
Scattered protests emerge in cities across Egypt Friday night
10 people released, 2 journalists detained following protests against US Jerusalem announcement
Interior Ministry forbids downtown Cairo protest against US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
Cairo demonstrators protest US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, arrests reported
Itinerant teachers stage protest to demand posts in their home governorates
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