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Alan Kurdi: Between reportage and propaganda
Amir Makar | Amir Makar on the use of photographs in media and propaganda, from the "Afghan Girl" to Sisi and the
Farmer, worker, soldier, Sisi: What the songs for the New Suez Canal all have in common
Rowan El Shimi | In keeping with Egypt’s long and storied tradition of immediately commemorating national projects with
The Island 2: Hyena finds moment to attack
Andeel | Andeel says that the blunt, solitary message of Al-Gezira 2 (The Island 2, 2014) is: Brotherhood bad,
Dina Makram Ebeid
Talking back: Masculinity and the right time for politics
Have you watched the videos that circulated on social media following the sentencing in Egypt last Monday
Ursula Lindsey
The regime’s new clothes
Sometime in June, cars in Egypt began displaying plain sheets of A4 paper with the sentence: “Have
A word for the people
Mohamed Turky
Where is the problem?
Andeel | Signs everywhere: "The people are the problem, the people are the problem..."Intellectual: "Myself, what I think — as an educated, intellectual, aware, enlightened, informed, knowledgeable, forward-thinking and opinionated person — is that the people are the problem."