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Detox | Issue 06: Two Nobels, a revolutionary manifesto and Quentin Tarantino
This week: A chat with writer Haitham El Wardany and Ahmed El Sabagh's monthly playlist "Tafneeta."
Detox | Issue 05: In light of current events
For days, the air was filled with tension, excitement and, at times, panic.
Poem: Tahrir
Jehan Bseiso | It means one day we will set ourselves free.
Three contributions to our series on mental health
Poem: For Young Arab Lovers*
Jehan Bseiso | *This title recalls and subverts the Western gaze
Language, diaspora and suffering: In conversation with poet and aid worker Jehan Bseiso
Lara El Gibaly | I have dilemmas about not losing my Arabic, not sacrificing the Arabic language at the altar of English
Poem: Requiem for Raqqa
Jehan Bseiso | A by Jehan Bseiso in response to Friday's chemical attack on Raqqa
Remembering Derek Walcott: Enemy of metaphor, and a metaphor thief
Omar Khalifa | Omar Khalifa recounts how he discovered the Saint Lucian poet through Mahmoud Darwish
Poem: Houna Baghdad
Jehan Bseiso | Babylon is burning, the hanging gardens are black.
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Alaa Abd El Fattah
Five metaphors on healing
Suffering is not sacrifice and the body is not a machine. The pain is not yours alone