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TOPIC Panorama of the European Film
Scary Mother: An insightful look at the horrors of the artistic process
Hessen Hossam | An introspective look at the artistic process and the overwhelming power that imagination can possess
Gentle creature, violent place: a slow, moving Dostoyevskian drama
Heba El-Sherif | Heba El-Sherif reviews Sergei Loznitsa's A Gentle Creature, a slow, moving drama that evokes Dostoyevsky
The Killing of a Sacred Deer: Yorgos Lanthimos shocks again
Amna Magdy | The Killing of a Sacred Deer starts as awkward satire and gradually turns into a harrowing thriller
Art, privilege and discomfort: On Ruben Östlund’s The Square
Yasmin Shehab | A darkly entertaining art world drama that satirizes society at large
The other side of refugee dramas: Kaurismäki’s perfectly orchestrated tragicomedy
Hessen Hossam | Kaurismäki’s treatment of the Syrian refugee crisis offers a simple, honest and relatable story
10th Panorama of the European Film: What not to miss
Mada’s culture team picks its favourite titles from this year’s exciting selection
‘Passion is contagious, if you’re open to it’: A conversation with Marianne Khoury
Sama Waly | To mark Panorama's 10th edition we interview its founder, director and producer Marianne Khoury
At Titi’s Balcony: A former political prisoner reflects above Tahrir
Rowan El Shimi | A film that's not about being Jewish in Egypt.
Some categorized recommendations for the Panorama
We help you navigate the program with 30 film recommendations.
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