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Why did Palestinian reconciliation talks break down last week?
Ahmad Shehada | Rapprochement between Palestinian movements Hamas and Fatah fell apart at the close of last week
Waiting for war: The siege on the people of Gaza tightens
Shireen al-Akkah | In Gaza, death does not seem like the most tragic fate
In Between: Your Palestinian identity and your Israeli-funded film
Menna Ekram | An Israeli-funded film by a Palestinian director raises questions about Palestinian filmmaking
How do we write about Palestine? 2 collections, 2 answers
Marcia Lynx Qualey | And why read parachute writers, even if they’re famous?
Music comes to the rescue of thought: On Jumana Manna’s Palestine music documentary
Maha ElNabawi | This sound journey points to the richness of Palestinian history away from Israeli narratives
Writing the Impossible in Gaza: A Suspended Life
Ismail Fayed | Ismail Fayed reviews another IPAF shortlisted novel, this time Atef Abu Seif's 400-page fifth novel,
Al-Ahram’s coverage of the October 6 War
Beesan Kassab | The archive of the state-owned Ahram newspaper, which Mada showcases on the anniversary of the October
On the seven films of Tawfiq Saleh: Militant with a camera
Adham Youssef | It wouldn’t be easy to definitively categorize Tawfiq Saleh as a Marxist filmmaker, but his works are
Lotus Notes: Part Two C
Nida Ghouse | Soon after the Permanent Bureau of the Afro-Asian Writers Association in Cairo folded, a poet from Pakistan
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Abdel Azeem Hammad
The imperial doctrines of Donald Trump and Theresa May
Signs of reviving British and US imperialism are bad news for the region
Mohamed Seif El Nasr
Palestine: The history of how the land was lost
On March 30, Palestinians all over the world celebrate Land Day. It marks the pivotal events in 1976
Nael El Toukhy
How Hebrew teaches us something about ourselves, Part 5
In 1949, David Ben-Gurion said of Yemeni Jews arriving in Israel: “They are behind us by more than
Interior Ministry forbids downtown Cairo protest against US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
Cairo demonstrators protest US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, arrests reported
Human rights groups condemn Israeli take-over of convoy to Gaza
Rafah border remains open for Palestinians moving to Gaza, but none allowed into Egypt
Syrian refugees begin hunger strike protesting detention
Gaza students protest Egypt’s continued closure of Rafah crossing
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Cartoon: Sweet for Gaza
Andeel | Auntie: "Toota my dear, please come like this Gaza picture for me, my fingers are sticky because of these sweets I ate."