TOPIC Operation Protective Edge
The elusive cease-fire
Lina Attalah and Nadine Marroushi | Egypt is continuing efforts to save its cease-fire proposal between Israel and Gaza and end hostilities
Omar Robert Hamilton
Cycles of rhetoric and violence
What was remarkably clear during this latest assault on Gaza is that cycles of violence are perpetuated
Sharif S Elmusa
Egypt’s cease-fire initiative and sacrifice for Palestine
Whether out of bureaucratic inertia, miscalculation or intention, the Egyptian government made a cease-fire
Israel, Hamas agree to 5 more days of cease-fire
Arab League chief exhorts world powers to end Israeli assault on Gaza
Update: Egypt lambasts Israel, Palestine for refusing cease-fire extension
Update: Despite failed Gaza truce, Egypt insists cease-fire talks will proceed
As Gaza crisis mounts, Palestinian leaders meet in Qatar, Egypt peace talks stymie
Stalled convoy finally delivers medical aid to Gaza as crisis worsens
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