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Anchor Lamis al-Hadidy’s absence from CBC show due to refusal to move to intelligence-owned channel
Lamis al-Hadidy has been held off screen because of CBC's and Hadidy’s refusal to move to ONtv
Reem Maged: On the possibility, and impossibility, of a free media
Heba Afify | Reem Magued abandoned the media arena for almost two years, and just as her disappearance raised questions,
ONtv anchor suspended over alleged editorial policy disagreements
Update: TV host Liliane Daoud deported to Beirut
Steel tycoon acquires ONtv from Sawiris, sparking fears for future of Egyptian TV
Reem Maged’s show suspended from ONtv
Yosri Fouda won’t renew contract with ONtv
Host stops appearing on TV following Morocco comments
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