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TOPIC one million housing project
Ministry announces more plans to solve Egypt’s urban housing crises
Robert Barron | Egyptian Housing Minister Mostafa Madbuly announced on Sunday that the government will invest LE10 billion
After weathering the revolution, Egypt’s real estate sector slows
Shahd Essam | For generations, Egyptians have prized real estate as the country’s safest and most desirable investment.
After year-long wait, Arabtec reaches deal with Egypt on mega-housing project
Isabel Esterman | Six months after construction was scheduled to begin, the United Arab Emirates-based construction firm
Too big to fail?
Isabel Esterman | When President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announces a project, it’s usually of the mega scale
Egypt’s steep learning curve in national housing projects
Isabel Esterman | A week ago, at least one child was killed when security forces used explosives to demolish apartment
Mohamed Gad
Arabtec project not on the house
Millions of Egyptians dream of affordable houses, and so does Arabtec. The United Arab Emitates-based
Deal with Arabtec to build one million houses suspended: Local media
UAE company to cement deal for one million Egyptian homes
EIPR: Housing policies fail to benefit the poor