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Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Piper
Ismail Fayed | The Piper is fundamentally the extended staging of the death of the poet — or indeed of poetry itself
Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Scream
Andeel | A very violent soft movie about a deaf person.
Egypt’s cinematic gems: My Wife and the Dog
Hani Sami | This erotic, "highly masculine" film comments on the perverted nature of cinema and on problematic social
Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Train
Amany Ali Shawky | After two train conductors die in a fight on the way from Cairo to Aswan, the passengers gradually all
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Sunstroke
Yasmine Zohdi | The legacy of Mohamed Khan started with Sunstroke.
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Destiny
Rowan El Shimi | “Ideas have wings. No one can stop them from reaching people.”
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Bus Driver
Adham Youssef | Produced a year after the killing of Anwar Sadat, Atef al-Tayeb's film brought Sadat's infitah policy
Why watching soap operas won’t make you rich: A TV history of Egypt
Andeel | This brief history of famous Egyptian soap operas shows that class is something we have always thought
Egypt’s cinematic gems: A Place for Love
Amany Ali Shawky | A photojournalist approaches a woman in a café hosting his exhibition about the aftermath of the 1967
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Obituary: Actor Nour al-Sherif dies at 69