TOPIC Nile water crisis
As tripartite talks resume, Egypt fears long-sought binding agreement on GERD may be mirage
There are fears in Cairo that Addis Ababa is merely maneuvering to stall for time
Egypt courts Sudan as time runs out in Ethiopia dam dispute
The clock is ticking in a long-running dispute over Ethiopia’s plans to build a mega-dam
Sources: US-proposed GERD deal sets Ethiopia water release at 37 bcm, major disputes remain
For the US proposal to become a reality, Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia must first make major concessions
Egypt, Ethiopia approach negotiations over filling Renaissance Dam reservoir
Asmahan Soliman | A legal agreement on filling the dam’s reservoir may be on the horizon following a 3-day visit
Sisi expresses ‘grave concern’ at close of Ethiopian-Egyptian summit
Asmahan Soliman | He said it is “necessary to work as soon as possible” to resume the required technical studies
Stalling negotiations on Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam
Asmahan Soliman | Persisting issues curb progress in negotiations between Ethiopia and Egypt over the Renaissance Dam
Renaissance Dam: Need for political intervention as technical negotiations get complicated
Asmahan Soliman | Ethiopia starts “early filling” of the dam despite agreements and without officially notifying Cairo
Upstream politics: Egypt’s play for control over Nile present and future at Uganda summit
Asmahan Soliman | Egypt attempts to push for control over the technical process at the heart of the Renaissance Dam
Annual water crisis: broken promises and local action
Heba Afify | Citizens who are not able to circumvent Egypt's unequally distributed annual water shortages refuse to
Heba El-Sherif
Media spotlight: Meddling with the Nile is a red line
Media pundits still debate the dam's validity, ignoring wider issues of water scarcity
Sharif S Elmusa
Sharing the Nile waters according to needs
There may not be enough water for everybody to get all they want from the Nile’s waters, but sharing
Sharif S Elmusa
Egypt’s Nile Blues
Ethiopia is forging ahead with the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the
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GERD talks stumble yet again, with no prospect of binding agreement
Egypt, Sudan reject Ethiopian offer for transitional agreement on mega-dam to allow initial filling in summer
Report: Nile Delta’s increasing salinity and rising sea levels may make Egypt uninhabitable by 2100
Ethiopia increases capacity of Nile dam, causing alarm in Egypt
Phosphate spill poses ecological problem, but no immediate health threat
Egypt’s battle over the Renaissance Dam: A timeline
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