TOPIC national security
The 2020 House elections: Opposition parties divided over participation
Opposition parties are taking part in the elections in different ways, but for similar reasons.
Palm Sunday bombings: A security failure and the Islamic State’s expansion into the mainland
Omar Said | Church bombings point to national security failures and Islamic State territorial loses in the region
Informants at AUC?
Mai Shams El-Din | The independent AUC student newspaper has published an investigative report about informants on campus
High-ranking Syrian security official’s Cairo visit: Possible message to Saudi Arabia
Omar Said | Experts speculate invitation to Syrian security chief sends clear message.
A year of conspiracies
Mai Shams El-Din | Since the January 25 revolution, talk about conspiracies aiming at state collapse and Egypt’s general
Technology, mind games and ‘fourth-generation warfare’
Dalia Rabie | “What are they used for, guys?” Sisi asks them. “To destroy countries,” they reply in unison.
Right to Information Law to criminalize spreading rumors on social networks
Surveillance cameras to be installed nationwide
Egypt postpones new visa rule, hopes to create e-visa system instead
Armed Forces deployed across Egypt ‘to help citizens feel safe’
British embassy suspends services citing security reasons
Actor accused of treason for criticizing Sisi’s security record
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