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TOPIC National Elections Authority
Sugar, rice and everything nice: Mobilizing voter turnout in Egypt’s presidential election
Mostafa Mohie and Waad Ahmed | Public and private sector efforts to secure a high voter turnout in Egypt's presidential election
Presidential hopeful Mohamed Anwar al-Sadat claims National Security Agency prevented party from holding conference
Mostafa Mohie | In a letter sent to the National Elections Authority (NEA) on Wednesday, addressed to Judge Lasheen Ibrahim
Khaled Ali announces intention to run in upcoming presidential elections
Mostafa Mohie | A preliminary announcement, pending guarantees of transparent elections
Selim Mohie
Under heat waves and dust storms
What can voter turnout tell us about Sisi's re-election?
Omar Said
An afternoon spent endorsing a presidential candidate passes with relative ease
Employees tasked with recording candidate endorsements seemed bewildered by new technology
Sisi wins presidential election with over 97% of vote
The Civil Democratic Movement calls for election boycott
Moussa Mostafa Moussa delivers candidacy papers 7 minutes before NEA deadline
Khaled Ali withdraws from presidential race, citing government violations
Sisi submits candidacy forms to NEA, reveals 2018 campaign leadership
Khaled Ali affirms bid for presidency, calling for endorsement submissions on January 25
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