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Elections in Assiut: Back to the old days?
Mai Shams El-Din | Assiut — Arriving at the train station in the Upper Egyptian city, the first scene you encounter is
A new, but not so new, regime
Jahd Khalil | Mada Masr speaks with Joshua Stacher, assistant professor of political science at Kent State University,
Battling to improve Egypt’s health care
Sarah Carr | Amr al-Shora is doing battle again, this time in the Doctors Syndicate elections. Shora is running
The return of the state
Omar Halawa | The halls of the Shura Council are host to the work of the committee tasked with amending the 2012 Constitution,
Mahmoud MM Riad
Erasing History: Why demolishing the NDP building is a mistake
As I type this article, I can see the bulldozers start to tear apart the building which once paid host
Alfred Raouf
Egypt’s future: Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Joker
The scene in Egypt is nothing less than a complicated mess: there are several forces, shifting alliances,
Mohamed I. Fahmy Menza
The future of the Brotherhood
A few years ago, some social scientists propagated the concept of “post-Islamist” politics. They
Candidates clash while registering to run in parliamentary elections
Court lifts ban on NDP members running in elections
Rights group slams recent Urgent Matters judiciary rulings
Court bans NDP leaders from running in elections
Cabinet moves to tear down former NDP building
Two security service giants in running for presidency of new party
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