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Reclaiming the city’s dancefloors: JellyZone
Peter Holslin | A look at the DIY platform attempting to reshape Cairo’s club scene
47Soul’s Balfron Promise: A critical look at the politics of movement
Peter Holslin | Peter Holslin speaks to 47Soul about how politics of movement play into the band's new album
A puzzling mosaic trying to piece itself together: Maii and Zeid’s new EP Ehdefni
Tugrul Mende | Ehdefni delivers layers of electronic rhythm and dreamy indie-pop with an unmistakable dark side
Lekhfa: Finding catharsis in broken rhythms
Peter Holslin | “And I try to come to terms with it all / But I don’t know how.” –“Nefsi f Aqli” (Myself
co(a)sts: A review of Pie Are Squared’s challenging new drone album
Rami Abadir | co(a)sts is SikSik’s best work so far
Cairokee’s A Drop of White: A good album, had it been released before the revolution
Sherif Hassan | Cairokee's album A Drop of White might have been important were it released before or during the revolution
Yasmine Hamdan’s Al-Jamilat: An exploratory transitional record
Tugrul Mende | It seems to have a hard time deciding on its direction, but Tugrul Mende is excited to see what comes
On Mostafa Onsy’s new album, 225 MG
Rami Abadir | Overall 225 MG is an interesting release and a strong debut, says Rami Abadir.
Zuli’s Bionic Ahmed: A review and Q&A
Rami Abadir | In January, Zuli (Ahmed al-Ghazoly) released his EP Bionic Ahmed under the UIQ label recently launched
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