TOPIC Mohamed Soltan
Egyptian state continues to squabble with foreign media
Foreign journalists received mixed signals from the State Information Service (SIS) on Monday, when its
Update: Mohamed Soltan’s lawyer to appeal life sentence; unknown if hunger strike will continue
The Giza Criminal Court upheld the death sentences levied in March against Muslim Brotherhood Supreme
On hunger strikes: A brief background
A growing number of Egyptian prisoners have joined a widespread wave of hunger strikes, including well-known
Starving for justice
Heba Afify | Fatigued by a year of void legal processes and deprivation of basic rights, political prisoners are attempting
Hunger-striking prisoner Mohamed Soltan gives up Egyptian citizenship and is deported to US
Foreign Ministry condemns interference in judicial affairs, urges West to focus on racism
Badie sentenced to death for third time
Detained Soltan on partial hunger strike for health reasons: Lawyer
Judge rejects appeal by rights groups to release Mohamed Soltan
Mohamed Soltan falls unconscious on 281st day of hunger strike
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