TOPIC military deaths
Who does the state officially mourn?
Mai Shams El-Din | Families have criticized the government’s delayed response to the sinking of a small cruise boat on
Egyptian media isn’t taking prisoners, state’s line is only line
Heba Afify | The country’s media apparatus is displaying an iron-willed determination to uphold the state narrative.
A return to the 1990s?
Nadine Marroushi and Passant Rabie | Abandoned houses destroyed by shellfire, a mosque turned to rubble and burned huts lay among sand
4 civilians fatally shot near military checkpoint amid week of violence in Arish
Update: IS claims responsibility for North Sinai large-scale attack that killed at least 23 Armed Forces soldiers
2 retired officers and conscript killed in Giza shooting; Province of Sinai claims 3 attacks in Arish
Update: Islamic State claims responsibility for explosive killing 2 police officers in Sinai
Province of Sinai claims responsibility for assassination of high-ranking security official
Militant group Lewaa al-Thawra publishes footage of Adel Ragaei assassination
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