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There are addicts in socialist utopias: In search of a language for psychic suffering
Naira Antoun | The closing essay to our mental health series, "Neither pathologization nor romanticization"
Toward fixing my world
Dalia Selim | When anxiety and fear of the unknown meets homophobia
Born to be unplugged: On exposure to nature and the mental health of children
Maha T. Khalil | Is there a connection between children's behavior and their exposure to natural environments?
Regardless of a pair of perfectly intact lungs
Engy Ashraf | As part of our series on mental health, “Neither pathologization nor romanticization”
Images from Abbasseya Hospital raise concerns about maltreatment and patient privacy
Omar Said | As the Health Ministry suspends the hospital manager, staff refute claims of maltreatment
Even the finest of warriors
Rana Gaber | I keep on telling myself: Even the finest of warriors get exhausted and let their guard down
Time traveling through disorder
My mental illness often manifests as a vehicle for time travel
But we all have different personalities anyway
Q. Qady | A poem and short text on living with Dissociative Identity Disorder
how well can your eyes tell
Noura | People who struggle with their mental health are invited to share their art that comes out of these experiences
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Psychiatry, politics and propaganda
I get irritated when I see psychiatrists, some of whom taught me the profession, using the stigma of
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My survivor’s guilt: Coping with the trauma of loss
I first met Mina Danial in Tahrir Square, following the bloody events of the Battle of the Camel.  
Sally Toma
Alice in trauma-land
Warning: This article contains material of distressing nature related to sexual violence. It was a cold
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