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Rebellion on the rocks
Mai Shams El-Din | One year ago, Ahmed Abdou met with 15 young men in the Kefaya opposition movement’s headquarters. They
The past return
Leyla Doss | The dim-light, broken furniture and cracks on the walls at the headquarters of the United Nasserist Party
Legitimacy reinvented
Naira Antoun | Koshary and sweat mix with diligence and optimism in the downtown headquarters of the Tamarod campaign,
Sabbahi reps stood up by Sisi envoys in TV debate, as Sisi plane takes off
53-year-old to head Sisi’s youth commission
Mubarak opposition figures come to fore in Sisi campaign
Tamarod to compete in elections
Tamarod mulls political party
Civil forces declare plans for political roadmap