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Detox | Issue 09: Deep Breath
We are okay. Or at least we think so.
How do we continue? How do we make an impact?
A conversation between independent Arab media institutions on producing journalistic content
Released but imprisoned daily: Alaa Seif on the need for new imaginations
In his first media interview since his release, Alaa Seif spoke with Mada Masr
Series: The archive as a battlefront
An introduction to Mada Masr's new series on archiving and working with archives
Video | Blocked for 300 days
The Mada Masr team relays what it's like to work as a journalist for a website that's been blocked
Lieutenant General Hegazy II: Egypt’s new chief-of-staff
Meet the new Hegazy at the head of Egypt's Armed Forces
Egyptian government bypasses ISPs to block access to websites: Telecommunications Ministry source
Mohamed Hamama | The websites block has been carried out through a centralized government decision, according to source
24 hours later: What we know about the blocking of Mada Masr’s website
Mohamed Hamama | Where and how we're blocked, whether it could be legal, what the context is, and more
The story of Mada’s new look
Lina Attalah | Phil Gribbon, designer of Mada's new website walks us through how he settled on its look and function.
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Lina Attalah
A few things you might like to know about us
Here is the backstory to the piece that contributed to getting us into trouble.
Becoming ‘legal’: On Mada Masr’s decision to apply for a license under the new media law
We made this choice while thinking about what it means to be radical inside out
Laura Bird
About Mada and being in-between
“Why do we refer to ‘local media’ in such a way that positions us outside of it?"
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Plainclothes security raid Mada Masr office for several hours, detain 3 including Chief Editor Lina Attalah
Mada Masr journalist subjected to extralegal security measures at Cairo airport, passport confiscated
Court reopens Mada Masr blocked website case for arguments
Validity of post-2011 violence documents pits former campaign members against one another
Court renews imprisonment of journalist for 45 days despite expiry of pretrial detention limit
Belahmar blocked, bringing total number of blocked websites to 127
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