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Quick budget getaways: 36 hours in Luxor
Rowan El Shimi | Quick getaways keep me sane and able to deal with the crazy city I live in.
Police torture and public anger in Luxor
Mohamed Hamama | Friday prayers in mosques across Luxor ended uneventfully on December 4. They weren’t followed
Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Mummy (The Night of Counting the Years)
Amany Ali Shawky | The Citizen Kane of Egyptian cinema, a technical masterpiece with a formidable reputation and an unhurried
A stay at the Winter Palace in Luxor
Nevine El-Shabrawy | For a local getaway, you may want to consider Luxor. It’s getting hotter, and spring may just be the
A postcard from the Luxor African Film Festival
Louis Henderson | I had the fortune to finally visit Luxor last week, having been generously invited to present two films
Yasmine Laveille
Villagers demand a football field
It is hot in the microbus that takes me and a local activist to a village located about 10 kilometres
5,200-year-old rock inscriptions discovered in Luxor Governorate
Spanish archaeologists discover 3,800-year-old funerary garden, chapel in Luxor
Archaeologists unearth host of ancient Egyptian monuments in Luxor, Aswan
3,000-year-old tomb of royal scribe unearthed in Luxor
Police officers convicted of manslaughter in death of Talaat Shabeeb
Experts to solve mystery of ancient sarcophagus from gold flakes found in Egyptian Museum
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