TOPIC Libyan conflict
From Tripoli’s front lines: How Haftar recovered from the setback in Gharyan and what’s next for the advancing LNA
Tensions within the LNA have not faded away, despite the presentation of a unified front.
The Libyan National Army’s patchy walk toward Tripoli
3 months into the assault on Tripoli, Mada takes stock of the LNA's alliances after a major setback
Kidnappings along Kufra-Jalu Road threaten security in southeastern Libya
Kidnappings along the only road in and out of southeast Libya may pose a threat to peace
Diplomatic distance: Egypt skeptical of French diplomatic play in Libya
Asmahan Soliman and Sherifa Moataz | Egypt is skeptical of French-led efforts at resolving the Libyan Civil War
Q&A with Jalel Harchaoui: A Libyan ‘agreement’ in Paris?
Jalel Harchaoui speaks with Mada Masr about the July 25 Paris agreement and its aftermath
Looking for friends in the west: The Cairo-Misrata talks in the shadow of the Gulf crisis
Asmahan Soliman and Lobna Monib | Libya engages with Misrata amid fragmentation
Haftar and Sarraj in Cairo: The details of Egypt’s partially successful Libyan summit
Asmahan Soliman and Hossam Bahgat | Egypt’s aims for the meeting were not limited to direct negotiations and issuance of a joint statement
Egypt’s policy in Libya: A Government of National Accord by other means
Lobna Monib | Egypt’s wager on the Libyan National Army strongman continues
Setting Libya’s latest oil struggles straight
Pesha Magid | Over the past few weeks clashes over Libya’s oil ports have broken out between forces linked to the
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Libya to resume oil exports from captured ports
Libyan commander takes 4 key oil ports from UN-backed government
US supplies Egypt with warships, in talks to establish drone base
Bombs kill at least 5 Egyptians in Libya as airlifts back to Cairo begin
Qatar pulls senior diplomat out of Egypt after Arab League imbroglio
Islamic State releases photos of 21 Coptic Egyptians abducted in Libya
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