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Toward fixing my world
Dalia Selim | When anxiety and fear of the unknown meets homophobia
LGBTQ crackdowns, civil society and social change: A video conversation
Naira Antoun | Responses to seminal moments of state violence against LGBTQ individuals in Egypt
Rainbow flag at gig sparks media storm of hostility
Mostafa Mohie | Rainbow flag at Mashrou' Leila's Cairo gig reveals deep-seated vitriol in Egyptian media
Shades of in/visibility: On coming out in Egypt
Lara El Gibaly | It’s not about individuals coming out to, but rather about the issue itself ‘coming out’ for discussion
In the Spider’s Room: A counter-oppression novel
Ahmed Shafei | Ahmed Shafei worries the novel's ending may encourage sympathies in the reader for some characters and
In the Spider’s Room: Because one hand met another 15 years ago
Ahmed Wael | On Mohammed Abdelnaby's recent novel, dealing sensitively with the "Queen Boat incident."
11 sentenced to 3-12 years in prison for homosexuality
Pesha Magid | The Agouza Criminal Court has sentenced 11 people to prison terms ranging between three and 12 years
Four Egyptian wartime B-movies: Nudity, sex and a dash of politics
Amany Ali Shawky | "Who knows when the war is going to end?" says handsome gay painter Raouf to Ahmed, a youth fresh from
Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘Mercedes’
Amany Ali Shawky | Nubi is told not involve the Socialist Party in "a tale of homosexuality, homicide, drugs, politics,
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Scott Long
On not being there
Human rights and solidarity in Egypt’s LGBTQ crisis
Amr Abdel Rahman and Dalia Abdel Hameed
Tolerance only allows certain citizens to sleep
Citizenship, homophobia and the failure of tolerance
Dalia Abdel Hameed
Homosexuality is not a crime
May 17 marks International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biophobia. While I’m not the
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EIPR: Authorities have systematically entrapped LGBTQ individuals online since 2015
Update: Number of arrests in security crackdown on LGBTQ individuals rises to 57
At least 22 arrested in continued security crackdown on LGBTQ individuals
Court grants Interior Ministry authority to deport “foreign homosexuals”
‘Ramses bathhouse’ defendants to press charges against journalist behind their arrest
14 arrested for ‘practicing homosexuality’
Cartoon: Gay people
Andeel | Guy 1: "Those gay people are funny, bro..."Guy 2: "Yeah man..."