Here we go again: Saving Muslim Women and Queers in the Age of Trump
Nadine Naber | The Muslim ban accentuates the gendered and sexual “backwardness” of “Muslim” foreign nationals
Think, rethink
Connie Burk | Connie Burk on processes of community accountability, their limitations and their potential
Toward fixing my world
Dalia Selim | When anxiety and fear of the unknown meets homophobia
Rainbow flag at gig sparks media storm of hostility
Mostafa Mohie | Rainbow flag at Mashrou' Leila's Cairo gig reveals deep-seated vitriol in Egyptian media
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How can we grow old when the world never stopped making children of us, over and over again?
But the woods are almost empty
On the co-option of queerness in Berlin, ecological doom and other things
Symbols, perversity and the enemy within
The freedom of those rounded up must be defended, but the fight is bigger than this
Rights groups: 2 Ramses crackdown detainees subjected to invasive physical exams that amount to ‘torture’
Imprisoned trans woman Malak al-Kashif sexually assaulted, subjected to forced anal examination in state hospital
Transgender detainees arrested in post-Ramses Station crackdown face adverse prison conditions
State Security Prosecution orders detention of 2 transgender people on charges of joining illegal organization
Rights group condemns jail sentence for Egyptian TV presenter who interviewed gay man
Alexandria prosecution detains 10 suspected of homosexuality
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